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How to order?

You can order a user image on the page, having checked prices in advance. Prices for all images are fixed. To place an order, you should fill out the form, which is given on the page of each style. In the form you should specify all necessary parameters and send an application. Please wait for the reply that will indicate terms, cost, and invoice that should be paid. You may ask additional questions, specify details by e-mail.


How to pay?

An invoice for payment is sent to the e-mail indicated in the application. The invoice can be paid by:



(bill sent to your email)




How do you work?


After payment, your order is placed into the queue (rush orders are executed out of turn). When your order is next in the queue, it comes to an artist. During our project, questions and specifications on your project can arise. To avoid misunderstanding and errors, we send you them to your e-mail indicated in the application.

While working under the project, we send you a black-white sketch of your portrait for approval. It helps to avoid errors as well. This is the final stage when something can be corrected before painting.



After approval of the sketch, the amendments are not accepted!

When your portrait is finished, a ready portrait is sent to your e-mail.

It is desirable to leave feedback in our group VKontakte. You are attaching a photo, your portrait, and text feedback into a feedback.


Where are the guarantees that I will like the work?

The portfolio of each style is represented on the site. You can assess what should expect from a future portrait. For approval, a sketch of your work is sent to you to specify if everything suits you. The artist goes further to the technical side of an order.


In other words, all parameters of the portrait which define if you like the work are approved by you personally.


Can you print my portrait on canvas?

No. Currently we do not print on canvas. We can only prepare your portrait for printing which you already carry out on your own.


We can prepare your portrait for printing on T-shirts, mugs, magnets as well. Preparation of a portrait for printing is free.


Please draw free

We are forced to upset you. Even if you have a birthday, demob, or you give money afterwards, no matter how much you need a portrait, we will not be able to paint it for you free.


I decided not to take an order, can it be canceled?


You can cancel an order at any time before payment.

I did not find an answer to my question.

If you have any questions, write to and we will answer all your questions.